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16 Jan

Love Notes

Hey Lovelies,

Happy New Year!!!! Man, it has been a hot minuet since I have opened the back end of my WordPress and shared a thought or two, but life has literally been one crazy roller coaster after another. It seems the general conciseness with everyone was that 2016 was an overall horrific year for most, would you agree?

The Dark Angel of Death took a lot of people last year including a slew of celebrities, I can not even begin to tell you the year I have had. But I will say this, there were a lot of wins, and a lot of losses. With my losses came life long lessons in which I am eternally be grateful for.

Starting with the Top of 2016, I led out a Fashion Campaign featuring RUE107, I was featured on a slew of media outlets including CentricTV, The Curvy Fashionista and CBC just to name a few. Visibly you would think everything in my World was awesome and for the most part I am just grateful for every good, new and positive experience in my life. They are priceless and continue to give me opportunities to grow, so for that I am thankful.

The coming of a New Year usually brings for me a sense of New Beginnings, having the hope of 12 new months to work at a dream, rectify the past or just to experience something new is so gratifying to say the least. This possibility brings such a renewed sense of hope to me, I can not help but feel an overwhelming sense joy as I begin to explore and prayerfully navigate this chapter of my life journey. 2017, what can I expect from you this year?

The only promise I plan to make this year is to love myself a whole lot more, to appreciate myself more and to encourage others to do the same.

So here’s to a Happy New Year Friends!

Be rebellious,  and relentless in the voyage to  love yourself more  this year even if the World tells you otherwise.

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