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23 Jan

It’s Travel Tuesday!! Let’s do Jamaica in 72 hours!!!

Yep! 72 hours, you read it right! Last Wednesday I decided to go to Jamaica, I booked the ticket Thursday, and was on the Plane Friday. Crazy? some may say so, but if you follow me on Social Media, you know the opinions of others has little to no recourse on how I live my life. Proudly doing me since 1983! *giggles* A fun getaway sounds like the most logical thing to do when having to endure the intense beating of these Northern Winters here in Canada. Jamaica is a great remedy for what is known as the “Winter Blues” which I suffer from. This year has been particularly tough mourning my late Mother Sonia “Elaine” Reid. January 21st, 2018 would have been her 66th Birthday. It has been...
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29 Aug

It was a ” Sensationnel Sunday” Indeed!

This past Sunday I had a fun time reviewing the “Empire” Collection for the Hair brand “Sensationnel.”   If you are a regular Reader of my Blog, or if you follow me on Social Media then you know a few months ago I embarked on a new Journey with my Hair. I now proudly wear Sisterlocks and I truly believe it has been one of the best hair moves I could have ever made. I also do a lot of freelance Modeling and creative Shooting for my Brand and other projects, so it is imperative that I can bring variety to my looks from day to day. Wearing wigs is a great way to accomplish that. Lately Blonde has been the colour of choice...
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11 May

My Spring Style Picks for Toni Plus+

Hey Loves, I had the esteemed pleasure of partnering with Canadian Plus Size Fashion Retailer Toni Plus recently. Our mission? To select some of my favorites from their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. I must say, I am quite impressed with the level of quality and selection they offer, I loved the versatility most of the pieces I saw for this season, lots of transitional items you can take from Spring/Summer right into the Fall with creativity and some fun style imagination. to check out my favourites, and feel free to let me know what you think. Share, Comment and get into it! Even though the weather in Toronto has been questionable lately, Summer is around the corner so lets get Stylishly ready for it with Toni Plus+.    Until Next Time...
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