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19 Jun

Throw Back Thursday!! Body Positive or Not…

Hey Loves,

I asked my straight sized friend what she thinks of when she hears the term “Body Positivity“? She said “Fat Women in Lingerie!!!” I wasn’t even mad when she said it, I have asked a few others who seem to agree. That is really sad that after all this time, Body Positive is only seen as Fat Women fulfilling chubby chasing fantasy. But in all honesty, we do use the hastag quite frequently to justify posting pictures of ourselves in skimpy clothing.

As if we need some type of political term or rights of passage to feel good about ourselves. Look at me! I’m Body Positive, please do not laugh, Scoff or Judge me..I have a message here!! …Sounds pretty apologetic doesn’t it?

I will have to dissect this theory more in a later post.

Well, I’m just sharing some images I took last year that I like, No Body Positive banter other than the fact that I think I’m pretty freaking beautiful and it is unfortunate that at the time these photos were taken, I did not feel that way.

I was styled in Lingerie and Fur for a very fun collaboration with Amadora Designs Jewels and Pheline Couture.

As much as I have promoted body positivity, I honestly had to step back from it recently and reexamine what that really means to me. When I shot this campaign last year, I was just in the midst of being treated for Clinical Depression. I ate a lot of comfort foods to get through that time and my body had gained a significant amount of weight that year. I smiled for the cameras, but inside I did not feel as confident as I wanted my Photos to portray.

I was praised and “reposted” everywhere for these images, even landed a spot on Centric TV for it. But my inside did not match what was being seen on the outside.

I am so grateful I feel differently now! And I am not going to justify this post for approval by stamping it in the name of just Body Positivity! I think the images and styling were so fun and creative. It was honestly one of the best collaborations I worked on that year. Plus Sized Woman are fabulous, Stylish, Sensual, Creative and we do not have to slap an apologetic message on all our posts in order to display that.

We should just live like the fluffy unicorns we are, without regret and justification. Body Positive or Not..just be Amazing and shine your light. The will either join or turn but either way you shine girl and you do not have to be politically correct all the time to do it!

So here’s to another fat girl in Lingerie. My you share, like and repost this image out of sheer disgust or praise. Honestly I don’t care! I like me and that is all the matters.

Until Next Time Lovers,

Outfit Details:

Body Suit by: Addition Elle

Fur by: Pheline Couture

Jewelry by: Amadora Designs Jewels

Photographer: Robert Skuja

Modeled by: An unapologetic Baddie…that would be Me! and feel free to print screen this and share in your group chats, and while you are at it…save me as the wall paper to your phone too *smirk*

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